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Dual flow 10L Oxygen Concentrator

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Is there a problem?<br>Please contact us to serve you!

Is there a problem?
Please contact us to serve you!


cheap dual flow 10 liter medical grade oxygen concentrator have stock 

Product parameter

Oxygen production method

Molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption(PSA)

Oxygen concentration

93% ±3%(0.5-10L/min)

Net weight




Product Size


Outlet Pressure


Atmospheric pressure range

86kPa - 106kPa

Rated Power


Power Supply

AC110/220V, 50/60Hz

Rated frequency



filter-dirty alarm, power failure alarm, compressor overheating
stop alarm,low flow rate alarm,low purity alarm(less than 82%)

Operation and Function

Touch large LED screen operation, Intelligent voice broadcast,Remote control,Timed shutdown,Purity monitoring, Nebulization function



















Advanced Features of double flow oxygen-concentrator :

The France imported CECA molecular sieve

CE certified 96% High Purity 10L Portable Oxygen Concentrator

U.S. imported humidification cup

Can support for 24*365 operation, is energy-saving and safe to use.

Dual-flow configuration allows two users to inhale oxygen at the same time by sharing one machine.

(This machine can do 3LPM, 5LPM, 6LPM, 8LPM and 10LPM flow, you can choose to do dual flows or single flow)

2 years warranty

Large LED display

 Purity indicator on the screen

 Nebulizer function




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